Standard painting service

Our basic service is buying items from our suppliers and selling it painted to our customers. The whole process takes minimum 1 month, so we prefer to have items in stock. If you want to order something special, you can check availability of our service at

Standard painting service includes assembling model, applying camouflage (chosen by painter) and decals, applying matt varnish and using pigments.

If you wish to paint by your demanded scheme or camouflage, we charge price 25% extra. In this case we request clear picture or historical photo with demanded colors (if black and white) sent by email.

Premium painting service

Premium painting service is for those, who really want to have something special. All is custom, price is usually not less then 3-4x retail price unpainted, unassembled. It takes about 2 months time and it is fully tailor-made for client by top painter. Contact us for more information

Terrain painting service

We are able to provide you with 60×60 cm tiles for your gametables and custom buildings and accessories for your game tables. Contact us at what we can do for you. This projects can take from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Custom projects require our high attention and detailed specifications. We would like to provide you with perfect results, as we spend long hours transfer your products into reality. In some cases we would like to connect with you via Skype so we can clarify progress or your detailed requests or present you work we have done.

Our projects are also usually presented at blog Thank you for your interest!


Karel Zitny, owner